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To Attend, Please call :
Lavanya Anand - +91 98 184 74860; lavanya@gmnindia.com
Vaibhav Gupta - +91 9999928496; Vaibhav@gmnindia.com

Why Visit IREX 2020?

  • An opportunity to meet international real estate developers showcasing premium properties and developments across the globe
  • Participation from international real estate developers from UAE, USA, UK, Europe, Australia, Thailand, Mauritius.
  • A 2 day event on 20th-21st November (Friday & Saturday) at Ashok Convention Centre, Ashok Hotel, New Delhi from 11am-7pm.
  • International real estate developers would be showcasing their prime projects in fantastic destinations across the world such as, Dubai, London, Miami, Melbourne, Greece, Cyprus etc.
  • Incase you are interested in networking with international property developers and marketing their projects in India to earn high?commissions, this show is a must visit.

About IREX Business Connect

As part of its industry initiative, IREX Business Connect, the organisers have collated a database of professional property brokers and marketing companies from all over India.

Being an IREX participant, you will get access to this database, three months before the show and can hold one to one meetings and group interactions with brokers at the coinciding event IREX Business Connect. These brokers can work with your sales team and help you connect with prospective investors, set up your meetings with the investors at the show and follow up on the leads post the show.

IREX Business Connect will also have separate sessions where participating international developers will get an opportunity to make presentations on their company and projects before the invited brokers.

Benefits of IREX Business Connect
  • Get access to the database of premium brokers/agents all over India
  • Appoint representatives in India to market your properties
  • Set prior appointments for one to one meetings at IREX 2020
  • Follow up on all enquiries/leads generated at the show
  • Ensure inflow of business throughout the year
  • Access clients all over India and receive market feedback
  • Generate better returns on investment